2021 ReelHeART Writers Only Competition – Screenplay And TV Pilot Official Selections Announced

Updated – May 11, 2021 – 23:06 EST

The 15th Annual ReelHeART International Screenplay and TV Pilot Script Competition and the 17th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival and are Pleased to Announce our Semi Finalists, Finalists and Official Selections for 2021.

Each Official Selection will compete for BEST SCRIPT during ReelHeART Festival Week
(July 05-12, 2021) which will be online due to Covid19. Congratulations!

Short Screenplay Competition – Official Selections (alphabetical order)

  • Monster
    Screenwriter, Kurt Choate – United States
  • Things Misnamed
    Screenwriter, T.J. Barkwill – United States
  • You’ll Pay for This
    Screenwriter, Shaun Ireland – United States


Feature Screenplay Competition – Official Selections (alphabetical order)

  • Indian Summer
    Screenwriter, Madhu Powar Garg – United States
  • The Man In Yellow
    Screenwriter, Conor Frank Gleeson – Canada

TV Pilot Competition – Official Selections
(alphabetical order)

  • Saturn’s Return
    Screenwriter, Sam Callahan – United States
  • The Crime Readers
    Screenwriter, Devin O’Neill – United States
  • Wolfe Pack
    Screenwriter, Lindsay Heiman – United States

TV Pilot Story Bible – Official Selection

  • TBD

Web Series Script Competition – Official Selection

  • TBD

We wish to also Highlight and Congratulate each of our Semi Finalists (SF) and Finalists (F) for their Hard Work and Creativity

Short Screenplay
  • (F) The Prospector
    Screenwriter, Shaun Ireland – United States
  • (SF) TBD
    Screenwriter, TBD

Feature Screenplay

  • (F) Solomon’s Train
    Screenwriter, Troy Perkins – United States
  • (F) Marry F Kill
    Screenwriter, Bree Wyrd – United States
  • (F) Wilde West
    Screenwriters, Jennifer Winter , Joe Gayton – United States
  • (SF) A Drop Of Time
    Screenwriter, Stephanie Hoernes – Germany
  • (SF) Loonatoona
    Screenwriter, Shockadelic – Australia
  • (SF) The Bond Of Budgies
    Screenwriter, Max Eigner – Germany
  • (SF) Inheritance
    Screenwriter, Kurt T. Choate – United States
  • (SF) Loud & Longing
    Screenwriters, Isabel Ellison, Brian Otaño – United States

TV Pilots
  • (F) The Guardians – Themba’s Awakening
    Screenwriters, Gordon Greaves, Manuela Kusenberg – Germany
  • (F) Zahara
    Screenwriter, Natasha Heschélle – Canada
  • (F) Necropolis
    Screenwriter, Caledonia Hanson – United States
  • (SF) Highland Drive
    Screenwriter, Rosalyn Rosen – United States
  • (SF) Daddy
    Screenwriter, Harry Redlich – United States
  • (SF) Beware Of Drunken Wasps
    Screenwriter, Adley Lewis – United Kingdom

TV Pilot Story Bible

  • (00) No Qualifiers

Webisodes, WebSeries

  • (00) No Qualifiers

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