Theme: “Isolate Educate Assimilate”

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Night Birds & Ghost Crabs
Experimental Film | Duration: 00:05:30 |
Dir. Robert Sickels, United States
Language: English
*Nominated For Best Short Film, Best Experimental Film

Synopsis: In pairing experimental imagery with interviews in which people from all stages and walks of life discuss the gamut of that which keeps them awake at night, Night Birds and Ghost Crabs documents those lonely late night moments we share with so many others the world over.

Keywords: #loneliness #isolation #separation

Thesis / Student Film | Duration: 00:09:32 |
Dir. Justin Bromley, Canada
Language: English
*Nominated For Best Student/Thesis Film

Synopsis: After her new cellmate targets her, a shy, quiet girl in prison struggles to defend herself.

Keywords: #prison #violence #cellmate #womeninprison

Muzi | 木子
Thesis / Student Film | Duration: 00:14:17 |
Dir. Yiting Gao, China
Language: Chinese
*Nominated For Best International Short Film, Best Student/Thesis Film

Synopsis: Muzi, a 17-year-old high school girl, is under the pressure of college entrance exam and pressure from her parents. She gets harassed by school principal assistant but doesn’t know what to do.

Keywords: #girl #school #education #parents #harassment #rape

Our House.
Thesis / Student Film | Duration: 00:15:00 |
Dir. Susan Bayani, Canada
Language: English, Persian

Synopsis: Our House is a short film about Anahita, an Iranian refugee in Toronto, who runs into the man who brutally murdered her parents at their home in Tehran years ago. The back story embodies Anahita’s attempts in the past to convince the authorities to reject this man’s application for immigration. This man had nonetheless been admitted to Canada, and obtained Canadian Citizenship. The back story also encompasses Anahita’s best efforts over the years to put the past behind her and to build a new life for herself with her Canadian husband and daughter. The encounter, however, renews Anahita’s tragedy and re-awakens her grief. Failed by the system, she decides to take justice into her own hands.

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Keywords: #iran #canada #toronto #crime #violence #politicalviolence #dissidence #grief

Family Routine | Routine Familiale
Thesis / Student Film | Duration: 00:21:32 |
Dir. Ahmed Hamed, Egypt
Language: Arabic
*Nominated For Best Student/Thesis Film

Synopsis: A short feature film about an unemployed Egyptian youth who suffers from fear of punishment .. We see articulated moments in his life that were the basis of forming the features of his personality.

Keywords: #egypt #youth #unemployment #egyptian #struggle #fear

Experimental Film | Duration: 00:08:45 |
Dir. Jp Olsen, Kristen Nutile, United States
Language: English
*Nominated For Best Short Film, Best Experimental Film

Synopsis: STAN is an experimental documentary based around the life of former heroin addict, Stan, who was among several thousand New York City teens in the 1940s who made up the world’s first teenage opioid epidemic. Using contemporarily shot footage, the film explores the shifting nature of drug use, its changing populations and recalls a time in the United States when drug treatment was virtually unavailable.

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Keywords: #heroin #addict #addiction #newyork #newyorkcity #teens #drugs

First Time Filmmaker, Short Film | Duration: 00:18:08 |
Dir. Holly Pilcavage, United States
Language: English
*Nominated For Best Short Film, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Cinematography, Best 1st Time Filmmaker

Synopsis: Four storylines set in the hours before a black hole swallows earth, play out with varying congruence.

Keywords: #catastrophy #doomsday #blackhole #countdown