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University of Toronto Campus – (Museum TTC Stop)

YH – Food. Garbage. Man. Moved to 2020
Documentary Short | Duration: 10:01 | Premiere – World

Dir. XiyuanLeo” Li, Jessica Cai, Sabrina Abrizuela – Portugal/China/Toronto

Language: English
Synopsis One chef’s answer on how to re-purpose bruised fruit, vegetables and food that apparently In Canada, 396 kg of food is wasted (thrown away by consumers) every year per capita. Locally, the average single-family household in Toronto throws away 275 kg of food per year. That’s an estimated retail value of about $1,500 per household.

YH – Secret Ingredient Moved to 2020
Film Short | Duration: 12:01 | Premiere – World
Dir. Ece Kazkayasi, Brianna Skelly, Toronto, Canada
Language: English

Synopsis What happens when a teen girl finds that maybe her parents are working for a company that might be making a secret ingredient food additive that actually may be harmful to your health.

The Birthday
Film Short | Duration: 05:42 | Premiere: Canada
Dir. Alex Kotsyk, Thomas Florek, United States
Language: English

Synopsis Two young men are invited to a birthday bash for a nerdy friend.  They are surprised to discover that they are the only guests there.

The Mission of Rambo Jesus
Music Video, Animation | Duration: 02:42 | Premiere – Canada
Dir. Kate Murray, United States
Language: English
*Nominated for Best Student/Thesis Film, Best Animated Film*

Synopsis Animated story made from the song of Tom and Doug.


Film Short | Duration: 15:00 | Premiere – Canada
Dir. Pranay Noel, Toronto, Canada
Language: English
*Nominated for Best Short Film, Best Canadian Film*

Synopsis Ricky “Soulman” Johnson was a successful professional wrestler in the 70s and 80s finding championship success teaming with his brother the legendary Rocky Johnson. Since retirement a few wrestling fans still recall his glory days, but most know him as “The People’s Uncle” because his nephew Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s career is the stuff of legend. Ricky recounts some amazing stories, past and present as well as an astonishing revelation regarding a new family connection.

Before We Fall

Feature Film, Student | Duration: 97:01:00 |
Premiere – Canada
Dir. Erin Corrado, Toronto, Canada

*Nominated for Best Student/Thesis Film, Best LGBTQ Film*

Synopsis When Tyler runs away on the anniversary of their mother’s death, they leave a series of notes behind that lead their three cousins Ethan, Jesse, and Alex on a search for them. As the notes lead to the forest, the four teens enter into a game-life standoff as they try to convince Tyler to return home.

Keywords #LGBT #Teens #Grief #Depression #GenderIdentity #NonBinary #Transgender #CanadianFilm

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