2020 ReelHeART – Official Screenplay And TV Pilot Selections Announced

ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival – July 06-11, 2020

Updated – April 15, 2020 – 12:16 EST-

The 16th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival and the 14th Annual ReelHeART International Screenplay and TV Pilot Script Competition are Pleased to Announce our Semi Finalists, Finalists and Official Selections and the TV Pilot Story Bible Winner for 2020.

Each Official Selection will compete in their respective category for BEST Overall Script during ReelHeART Festival Week which will be online due to Covid19:

Short Screenplay Competition – Official Selections
  • Ache
    Screenwriter, LeLe Park – USA
  • In Your Hands
    Screenwriter, Carlo Liberatore – Italy
  • What Ever Happened To Jonny Faith
    Screenwriter, Benjamin Pollack – USA

Feature Screenplay Competition – Official Selections
  • Canada Waites
    Screenwriter, Laurie Brand – USA
  • Community Resources
    Screenwriter, B. Kelly – USA
  • The Vicar’s Daughter
    Screenwriter, Robert Thompsett – Canada

TV Pilot Competition – Official Selection
  • Levi’s Pet Emporium
    Screenwriter, Gemma Paul – United Kingdom
  • The Mâr Chronicles
    Screenwriter,  A.S. Templeton – USA

(Our 3rd TV Pilot writer in the Top 3 wishes to remain Anonymous)

TV Pilot Story Bible

  • (Our TV Pilot writer in this category wishes to remain Anonymous)

We wish to also Thank and highlight each of our Semi Finalists (SF) and Finalists (F) for their hard work and Creativity

Short Screenplay
  • (F) Business of Ferrets
    Screenwriter, Will Berry – USA
  • (F) Homunculus
    Screenwriter, Will Berry – USA
  • (F) The Juke Box
    Screenwriter, Kia Anne Geraths – USA
  • (F) Two Men On A Doorstep
    Screenwriter, Laurent Auclair – USA
  • (SF) I’m Sorry I Love You
    Screenwriter, Leah Flagg – USA
  • (SF) The Ground Floor
    Screenwriter, L Claudia Domingues – United Kingdom
  • (SF) What Follows
    Screenwriter, Conner Janini – USA
  • (SF) Zhima (Sesame)
    Screenwriter, Yuxi Wang – China/USA

Feature Screenplay

  • (F) Field Trip
    Screenwriter, Claudio Martinez-Valle – USA
  • (F) The Mâr Chronicles I – The Coral Pendant
    Screenwriter, Alex “A.S.” Templeton – USA
  • (F) Sunset and Fifth
    Screenwriter, Montgomery C. Floyd – USA
  • (SF) Acceptance
    Screenwriter, Laurent Auclair – United Kingdom
  • (SF) An Angel Whispers (formerly Seraphim’s Miracle)
    Screenwriter, Jeremy Storey – United States
  • (SF) Don
    Screenwriter, Alberto Battistutti – Italy
  • (SF) Liberation
    Screenwriter, Stephen Colley – United States
  • (SF) Pink Mist
    Screenwriter, Shari Berman – United States
  • (SF) Rollaway
    Screenwriter, Tom McIntire – United States
  • (SF) The Rainbow Spark
    Screenwriter, Eugene Fedorov – The Ukraine
  • (SF) Virtual Steeles
    Screenwriter, Alex “A. S.” Templeton – United States
  • (F) Deep East Texas
    Screenwriter, Shaun Ireland – United States
  • (F) DragonSteel
    Screenwriter, Sam Tracton – United States
  • (F) Perfect Ten
    Screenwriter, George Basiev – United States
  • (SF) After Dawn
    Screenwriter, Tyrel Haight – United States
  • (SF) Ball Of Fire
    Screenwriter, Sean Coleman – United States
  • (SF) Dumbest Generation
    Screenwriter, Leslie Lyshkov – United States
  • (SF) Perry
    Screenwriter, RJ Watson – United States
  • (SF) The Paper Route
    Screenwriter, Danny Howell – United States

TV Pilots
  • (F) On My Radar
    Screenwriter, Alyxandrya Prynce – USA
    Screenwriter, James Brooks
    – USA
  • (SF) Bounce
    Screenwriter, Tavish Gudgeon – Canada
  • (SF) Viktory
    Screenwriter, Kimberley Wehr – USA
  • (SF) Lord Of The Senate (v1)
    Screenwriter, Montgomery C. Floyd – USA

TV Pilot Story Bible

  • (F) Oaksterdum
    Screenwriter, Aleksandar Filimonovic – USA
    Screenwriter, Nemanja Colovic – USA

Webisodes, WebSeries

  • (00) No Qualifiers

NB Selections are Subject to Change. Please Check back Soon-

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