15th Annual ReelHeART Film and Screenplay Winners Announced

We’re pleased to Announce our WINNERS for the
15th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival

Honorable Mention

  • Soulman dir. Pranay Noel, prod. Mark Brombacher – Toronto, Canada

Best Action / Adventure Film

  • Ruffians (Voyou) dir. Alexandre Jallali – Belgium

Best Animated or New Media Film

  • Icons – Ronnie Cramer – Colorado, USA

Best Canadian Film or Documentary

  • Memories For Sale – Mitch Graszat – Barrie,  Canada

Best Dance or Music Related Film

  • Nothing But Bones In The Way – dir. Dianne Reid – Australia
  • Initiation (Inicjacja) – dir. Iwona Pasińska – Poland 2nd

Best Documentary Feature

  1. Monger Jeff Zorilla – Argentina
  2. Bigly Yellow – dir. Nigel Deans, dir. Nubar Ghazarian – Australia 2nd
  3. A Miracle A Day – dir. Deborah Harse – United States 3rd

Best Documentary Short

  1. Le Corbusier Spirit – dir. Gilles CoudertFrance
  2. The Traffic Separating Device – Dir. Johan Palmgren – Sweden 2nd
  3. Powering On: Looking Forward, Never Backdir.  James Hyams, Australia 3rd

Best Experimental Film

  • A Toxic Love Affair – dir. James Davoll, dir. Clifton Evers – United Kingdom

Best Film Feature

  1. Greenfield – dir. Julius Telmer, dir. Jevgeni Jevsikov – Australia
  2. Bad Investigate – dir. Luís Ismael – Portugal 2nd
  3. Eivissa – dir. Tini Lazar – Germany 3rd

Best Film Short

  1. Ruffians (Voyou) dir. Alexandre Jallali – Belgium
  2. 9,8 m/s2 – Michael Vaynberg – Russia – United States 2nd – 
  3. The Assassin’s Apprentice  – Russell Emanuel – United States 3rd

Best Foreign Film

  • Elvis Walks Home dir. Fatmir Koçi – Albania

Best LGBTQ Film

  • Foreign – Mark Pinkosh – United Kingdom
  • My Recoverist Family – dir. Amanda Ravetz, dir. Huw Wahl – United Kingdom 2nd
  • Johnny Williams: Weekend in New England dir. Thomas Florek – United States 3rd

Best Music Video

  • Barrel Of A Gun – Tanne Willow – United States

Best Student Film

  • Before The Fall dir. Erin Corrado – Toronto, Canada

Best Cinematography

  • Mathias Døcker Greenfield – Australia

Best Editing

  • Sofie Steenberger Greenfield – Australia
  • Rebecca Jørgensen Greenfield – Australia

Best Sound

  • Ben VarcoeGreenfield – Australia

Top Feature Screenplays

  1. The DoorRobert Cox – San Diego, California, USA 1st *
  2. A Four-Sided Bed Elizabeth Searle – Boston, Massachusetts, USA 2nd

Top Short Screenplays

  1. One Afternoon In PurgatoryTimothy “Tim” Kissell – Pennsylvania, USA*
  2. Myosotis Love – Charles “Charlie” LaTourette – Oregon, USA
  3. Bark and Howl – John Darbonne – Texas, USA*

Best Actor

  • Ethan Tomas as “James” – Greenfield

Best Supporting Actor

  • Liam Graham as “Michael” – Greenfield

Best Actress

  • Lenka Arnold as “Isabell” – Eivissa

Best Supporting Actress

  • Claudia Cirillo as “Justine” – Greenfield

Best Ensemble Cast

  • Sandra Dickinson asGeorganneDead Fred – Dir. Deanna Dewey
  • Jane How as “Rebecca” – Dead Fred – Dir. Deanna Dewey
  • Susan Kidd as “Sissy” – Dead Fred – Dir. Deanna Dewey
  • Judy Norman as “Julie” – Dead Fred – Dir. Deanna Dewey

Best of Fest

  • Greenfield
  • Dir. Julius Telmer, Dir. Jevgeni Jevsikov – Australia
  • Prod. Daniel James Tenni, Prod. Mikkel Skov – Australia

ReelHeART Spirit Award

  • Thomas Florek
  • Filmmaker, Producer, Songwriter, Composer – New Jersey, USA
  • The ReelHeART Spirit Award goes to the filmmaker, documentary or documentary subject who most demonstrates the “Indie Spirit”, through pride of film production, promotion of film, audience engagement; as well as, producing a memorable contribution on film.
  • This year we give this award to one person who embodies this spirit for their tireless efforts in promoting their films, engaging the public, festival week presence and approachability.
  • This person, always goes that extra mile, with passion for making films and filmmaking in general, always initiating new ideas and completing them, networking with Screenwriters, Filmmakers, collaboration with ReelHeART Live Script Read Cast, and really, just being himself. – This year that person is… Thomas Florek

NB Screenplays marked with (*) competed for Best Overall from our writing only competition
ReelHeART International Screenplay and TV Pilot Script Competition

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  1. T.J. Kissell

    Thank you so much for selecting my short screenplay. I especially want to thank the actors who brought it to life. They were amazing.

  2. Joanne

    Just wondering about the first time film-maker category? It doesn’t appear to be listed…Thanks!

  3. Jack Donkewicz

    Quite an honor Tim.

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