2019 ReelHeART – Official Screenplay and TV Pilot Selections Announced

-Updated – April 17 – 14:18PM EST-

ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival – July 01-07, 2019

The 15th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival and the 13th Annual ReelHeART International Screenplay and TV Pilot Script Competition are Pleased to Announce our Semi Finalists, Finalists and Official Selections for 2019.

Each Official Selection will compete in their respective category for BEST Overall Script July 02-07 during ReelHeART Festival Week:

Short Screenplay Competition – Official Selections
  • Bark and Howl Screenwriter, John_Darbonne – USA
  • One Afternoon In Purgatory Screenwriter, Timothy T.J. Kissel – USA
  • Ruthless Screenwriter, Willie Anderson – USA
  • Laundromat Tango Screenwriter, Charlie_LaTourette – USA
    Myosotis Love Screenwriter, Charlie_LaTourette – USA

Feature Screenplay Competition – Official Selections
  • A Four-Sided Bed
    Screenwriter, Elizabeth Searle – USA
  • The Door
    Screenwriter, Robert Cox – USA

TV Pilot Competition – Official Selections
  • Hell City Hell
    Screenwriter, Michael Langman – USA
  • Monster_Protection_Specialists
    Screenwriter, Gregory_Livingston – Scotland
  • Space Captain Smith
    Screenwriters, John Palfery-Smith, Bruce Hanson – United Kingdom

We wish to also Thank and highlight each of our Semi Finalists (SF) and Finalists (F) for their hard work and Creativity

Feature Screenplay

  • (SF) Bonnie and Claud’s Home For The Holidays
    Screenwriter Nicole Stang – USA
  • (SF) Mom
    Screenwriter Jordan Champagne – Canada
  • (SF) The Blue Blood Machine
    Screenwriter David Sabbath – USA
  • (SF) The Choice Image
    Screenwriter Richard Winzler, Screenwriter Scott Morgan – USA
  • (SF) The Choice Machine
    Screenwriter Erik Martinez, Screenwriter Adam Bain – USA
  • (SF) The Free Agent Fan: A Baseball Odyssey
    Screenwriter Michael Andrew Volpe – USA
  • (SF) The Greek Passage
    Screenwriter Lorenzo Guarnieri – Italy
  • (SF) The Time Machine
    Screenwriter Marat Sarsembayev – Russia/USA
  • (SF) Time And Space
    Screenwriter Steven Prowse – United Kingdom
  • (SF) The Journey of Life
    Screenwriter David Dayan – United States

Short Screenplay
  • (F) Cardboard Box
    Screenwriter Bernhard Riedhammer – Germany
  • (F) Far From The_Castle
    Screenwriter Julia Jansch – USA
  • (F) Soul Mate
    Screenwriter Deirdre Patterson – USA
  • (SF) Introducing Miss Jones
    Screenwriter Marcia Dineen – USA
  • (SF) Those Last Moments
    Screenwriter Dimi Nakov – Australia

TV Pilots
  • (F) Parts
    Screenwriter Craig Calvin Page – USA
  • (F) TGFU
    Screenwriter Gregory Livingston – Scotland
  • (F) The Analyst
    Screenwriter Steven Prowse – United Kingdom
  • (SF) Computer Daemon
    Screenwriter Ian Neisser – USA
  • (SF) Emerald Isle
    Screenwriter Sydney Meador – USA
  • (SF) Rites Of Summer
    Screenwriter Alex Kornhauser – USA
  • (SF) The House Of The Silent
    Screenwriter Aaron Nussdorf – USA
  • (SF) The Paisley Witch Trial
    Screenwriter Julia Campanelli – USA
  • (SF) Thirst
    Screenwriter Horton Emory – USA

Webisodes, WebSeries

  • (SF) Doors – Screenwriter Marcia Dineen – USA

NB Selections are Subject to Change. Please Check back Soon-

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