Carlton Cinema – 20 Carlton Street, Toronto – College Subway Station

The Mirror (ending 2)

Film Short | Duration 02:14 | Premiere – Canada
Dir. Massimiliano Mauceri, Italy
Language: English

Synopsis A girl looks in the mirror and dreams… but reality is different.


9,8 m/s2

Film Short | Duration 22:42 | Premiere – Canada
Dir. Michael Vaynberg, Russia, United States
Language: English

*Nominated for Best Action Film, Best Short Film, Best Actor, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Film*

Synopsis  Russian immigrant Danny hijacks a taxi cab on a Saturday night and rushes through Manhattan. Danny is furious – his young beautiful wife hasn’t come home yet again. Danny is convinced she being unfaithful. Unable to contain his fury anymore he drives the stolen taxicab prowling the notable spots of the city, including tourist magnets, in search for his cheating wife.



Film Feature | Duration 92:17:00 | Premiere – Canada
Dir. Tini Lazar, Germany
Language: English, German, Spanish

*Nominated for Best Feature Film, Best Actress (Lenka Arnold as “Isabell”), Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Foreign Film*

Synopsis A feature film about life’s unexpected twists and turns and the magic which happens when you simply let go, especially on Ibiza. In parallel the film paints a vivid portrait of the island and its many colorful characters


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