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Centre for Social Innovation
720 Bathurst Street
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YoungHeARTS Inauguration – Screening Event + Party

Join us in this special event to mark the inaugural year of the YoungHeARTs Program at ReelHeART. A pilot programm that keeps our youth Volunteers (Ages 14-20) engaged throughout the year with a focus on team work, artistic expression, art appreciation, community outreach and being in the trenches writing, producing, filming, editing and marketing their own films. The YoungHeARTs are ready to Celebrate!

Food Revolution  – 10:22 – Canadian Premiere
dir. Jessica Cai, dir. Sabrina Andrade, dir. Xiyuan “Leo” Li
cinematographer Xiyuan “Leo” Li
producer Brianna Skelly, prod Elizabeth “Lizzy” Carrano
editor Alyona Ivanova, editor Elizabeth “Lizzy” Carrano
A short documentary that focuses on one Chef with an idea – Let’s Rescue Food

KeyWords: #Documentary #StudentFilm #Food #Sustainability #Feed #People #FoodRescue

Secret Ingredient  – 10:22 – Canadian Premiere
dir. Ece Kazkayasi, dir. Shannonn Kelly
cinematographer Xiyuan “Leo” Li, cinematographer Ece Kazkayasi
producer Brianna Skelly, prod Elizabeth “Lizzy” Carrano
editor Alyona Ivanova, editor Elizabeth “Lizzy” Carrano
Screenwriter Natalie Maclagan, Shannonn Kelly
Writers’ Assistant Andrew “Sugar Taste Explode” Khue Bui

Synopsis What happens when a teenage girl finds out that there might be a secret ingredient in food that might be actually be killing her friends..?

KeyWords: #Drama #Food #Thriller

By Special Invite

How To – 6:15 – Canadian Premiere
dir. Thomas Florek, New Jersey, United States
SYNOPSIS New Jersey’s favorite radio host puppets turn on the cameras to show us “How To” in this parody of needless “How To” videos that populate YouTube.

KeyWords #Puppets #OffBeat #CollegeHumor #HowTo #YouTube

Join us For:

“How To” – ReelLife Hacks For Real People Event

Join the YoungHeARTS as they take you on a tour of ‘Hacking Stations’ that show you how to:

  • Make Cookie Cutter Sandwiches
  • Make Invisible Ink with lemon juice
  • Natural Spa Tricks for any Budget
  • Painting With Vegetables

Stay for:
You Are What Your Eat PotLuck Party (All Ages)

Bring what you want (Cash Bar on site), or eat what you made from one of the food hacking stations or take a gamble and see if anything was catered for this event. It might be a crapshoot from a barrel of M&Ms to French Pastries or a Leg of Lamb J

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