14th Annual ReelHeART International
Film and Screenplay Festival

Monday July 02, 2018
Toronto, Canada

Imagine Cinemas Carlton
20 Carlton Street, Toronto – College Subway Station

6:00PM – Opening Day Welcome + Cocktail Reception
*Invited Guests Only

Theme – The World Is Screwed And There’s Not Much We Can Do About It…

Public Screening
Be My First
– 10:53 -「私の処女を買いたい人いませんかー?」
Canadian Premiere
dir. Philippe McKie – Montreal, Quebec, Tokyo, Japan
Synopsis A young Japanese girl riding the train posts a message from her phone to an online thread: ‘I’m a high-school student and I’m a virgin, does anyone want to pay to be my first? It has to be tonight’…
KeyWords #SocialMedia #Scam #CatFish #Japan #Sex

*Nominated For Best Short Film, Best Foreign Film

House On Fire – 3:22 – Canadian Premiere
dir. Thomas Florek – New Jersey, United States
Synopsis Tom and Doug introduce themselves and celebrate newspeak inside a White House that is disintegrating in flames. The director says: With “House On Fire” we approach making a political statement about the ridiculous situation our country finds itself in. We make this statement while never losing track of the narcissistic self indulgence that our audience has come to expect from our comedy music.
KeyWords #MusicVideo #OffBeat #CollegeHumor #Politics #Trump #WhiteHouse

*Nominated For Best Music Video

How To6:15 – Canadian Premiere
dir. Thomas Florek, New Jersey, United States
SYNOPSIS New Jersey’s favorite radio host puppets turn on the cameras to show us “How To” in this parody of needless “How To” videos that populate YouTube.

KeyWords #Puppets #OffBeat #CollegeHumor #HowTo #YouTube

And the Earth Will Be Lost to the Flames – 4:48 min – Canadian Premiere
dir. Adam Bertocci – Bronxville, NY, United States
Synopsis The end is nigh. But until then, there’s work to do.
KeyWords #Comedy #Mockumentary #Apocalypse #Offbeat #Mockumentary #Protest #OfficeSupplies #BuyInBulk

*Nominated For Best ReelTube Film (Internet Only Film Category)

Jeffrey 13:20 min – Canadian Premiere
dir. Josh Alward, dir. Jesse Velik, – London United Kingdom
Synopsis Jeffrey is an exotic dancer who is in it for the art. But with art comes struggle, courage and cleaning houses between gigs.
KeyWords #Comedy #Mockumentary #Dance #ExoticDancer #Hope #LivingTheDream #NeverStop #Jeffrey #NotMagicMike

*Nominated For Best Short Film

The 5 Year – 93:22 – Canadian Premiere
dir. James Christopher, Austin, Texas, United States
7 friends spend a weekend together 5 years after their graduation only to learn that, without each other, their lives are falling apart.
KeyWords #FeatureFilm #Comedy #Friendships #Graduation #Millennials #Love

*Nominated For Best Feature Film, Best Ensemble Cast

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