14th Annual ReelHeART Film and Screenplay Winners Announced!

We’re pleased to Announce our WINNERS for the
14th Annual ReelHeART International Film and Screenplay Festival

Honorable Mention

  • An Afterlife
    • Ryan Neil Butler, Zillmere, Australia
  • Leap
    • Patryk Wezowski, Kasia Wezowski, California, USA

Best ReelTube

  • And The Earth Will Be Lost To The Flames
  • Adam Bertocci, Bronxville, NY, United States

Best Action / Adventure Film

  • Reset
    • Christelle Gras, Ile de France, France

Best Animated or New Media Film

  • Empyrean Lost
    • Ryder Ruilyn – China, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Best Canadian Film

  • Abnegation
    • Nicole Rosas, Ontario, Canada

Best Dance or Music Related Film

  • Her Magnum Opus
    • Marta Renzi, Upper Nyack, NY, USA

Documentary Feature

  1. Children Of The Noon
    1.  Olga Pohankova, Diego Fiori – Austria/Kenya/Italy
  2. Tuna, Farofa & Spaghetti
    1. Riccardo Pompili Rossi, Sao Paolo, Brazil
  3. Poisoning Paradise
    1. Keely Shaye Brosnan, Teresa Tico – California, Hawaii, USA

Documentary Short

  1. Second Chance On The Caprock
    1.  R. T. Higgins, Ahbra Perry, Amarillo, Texas, USA
  2. Nobre Arte
    1. Stéphane Benini, France, Brazil
  3. Inner Telescope, a Space Artwork by Eduardo Kac
    (Télescope intérieur, une œuvre spatiale d’Eduardo Kac)

    1. Virgile Novarina – Paris, France

Best Experimental Film

  • Rewakened
    • Alberto Hernandez – California, USA

Film Feature

  1. Blur Circle
    1. Chris Hansen, Robinson, Texas, USA
  2. Something To Do With Death
    1. Dan Noah, Bramwell Noah, Australia
  3. The 5 Year
    1. James Christopher, Texas, US

Film Short

  1. Jeffrey
    1. Josh Alward, Jesse Velik, – London United Kingdom
  2. Pluto
    1. Tiger Ji – China, East Natick, Massachusetts, USA
  3. The Conductor
    1. Xavier Guignard, Versailles, France, Surbiton, United Kingdom

Best Foreign Film

  • Something To Do With Death
    • Dan Noah, Bramwell Noah, Australia

Best French Film

  • Reset
  • Christelle Gras, Ile de France, France

Music Video

  • House on Fire
  • Thomas Florek, New Jersey, USA

Best Thesis Film

  • Writing Home
  • dir. Nagham Abboud, dir. Alekson Lacerda Dall’Armellina,
    dir. Miriam Velasco, Dublin, Ireland

Best Cinematography

Children of The Noon

  • Olga Pohankova
  • Michael Schindegger

Best Editing

Blur Circle

  • Jay Gammill

Best Sound

Children of The Noon

  • Michael Zachhuber
  • Werner Angerer

Top 3 Feature Screenplays

  1. The Mortality Game – (Overall Winner)
    1. Ed Vela
  2. Graffiti Boy <3 Guerilla Girl
    1. Tara Arkle
  3. Red Light
    1. Dempsey Tillman, Ted Dewberry

Top 3 Short Screenplays

  1. Follycle
    1. Tom McIntire
  2. 703
    1. Tom McIntire
  3. Civil Conversations
    1. Adrian Roman

Best Actor

  • Matthew Brumlow as “Burton” – Blur Circle

Best Actress

  • Cora Vander Broek as “Jill” – Blur Circle

Best Ensemble Cast

  • Mike Donis as “Pierce” – The 5 Year
  • Rachel Clark-Spear as “Pam” – The 5 Year
  • Shelby Cullinan as “Becca” – The 5 Year
  • Christopher James Raynor as “Matt” – The 5 Year
  • Alyssa Riviera as “Sarah” – The 5 Year
  • James Christopher as “Pops” – The 5 Year

Best of Fest

  • Blur Circle
    • dir. Christopher “Chris” Hansen

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